Researching zkSNARKs, EVM, and more to
build a scalable and privacy-first ecosystem.

EVM Integration

Beldex aims to be a programmable privacy network by adding EVM compatibility to the sidechains.

zk-SNARKs based Sidechains

Zero knowledge proofs are proven to reduce size of transactions with large anonymity sets. Beldex is researching the implementation of zkSNARKs on sidechains.

Beldex Name System

The Beldex name system allows for users to send BDX to an address connected to a human readable domain.

Cross-Chain Interoperability

Cross-chain interoperability is a necessity for leveraging cross-chain users and liquidity. Beldex is bridging to ecosystems like BSC, Polygon, and Ethereum.

Wallet Integration on BChat

Integrating the Beldex wallet with BChat to send and receive BDX payments as you chat.

Privacy-first NFTs

NFTs that verify proof of ownership without revealing private information of the user.

Contribute to Beldex Research

Beldex research labs provides information on the current scope of research on the Beldex project. Researchers, scholars, industry leaders, and community members can contribute to Beldex research on improving core consensus, zk-based sidechain implementation and EVM integration for the integration of shielded smart contracts. Research contributors will be rewarded for their contributions. Get involved to know more about available research opportunities at Beldex.

Research Updates

To introduce new technological advancements in the blockchain industry, the Beldex Research Labs was established in January 2022. The research wing is responsible for conceptualizing and developing the next generation of Beldex chain with greater scalability, improvised consensus, and EVM compatibility. It is spearheaded by our CTO and an ardent team of researchers and advisors from across the world. Find the latest research updates from the Beldex research labs here.