A Complete Privacy Coin
Rooted In Privacy

The Beldex coin (BDX) is one of the very first privacy coins to act as an in-house token. The token is cryptographically designed in such a way, that is can be easily integrated into the Beldex extended ecosystem. It distinguishes itself from other coins by providing better privacy and security.

The Beldex coin improves on the features of Monero while introducing its own advancements. Beldex has a default ring size of 10, as opposed to Monero, which strengthens transaction privacy.Thus, the coin offers default privacy. Ring sizes are not immutable and are flexible as users can increase the size as per their requirement

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What is the Beldex Privacy coin & how does it provide transactional privacy? Previously, Bitcoin was thought to be private. However, Bitcoin addresses are unique and are publicly recorded. Each Bitcoin transaction reveals a certain amount of metadata that can be used to trace back the transactor through Chainanalysis.

Privacy coins on the other hand reveals no metadata that can be traced back to the transactor. It accomplishes this in a number of ways. Watch the video to know more about the Beldex privacy coin.


From creating utilities for BDX to enhancing the Beldex network,
follow our roadmap and the goals for 2021 as we accomplish them.


Mobile Wallet

  • Android wallet
  • IOS wallet
  • Desktop wallet

Q1, 2021

Q2 (I)-2021

POS Milestone..

  • POS Integration
  • Beldex messenger(android and IOS) app
  • Binance Bridge

Q2 (I), 2021

Q2 (II)-2021

Net Milestone...

  • Beldexnet
  • Integration of Beldex wallet on messenger

Q2 (II)-2021


More Bridge

  • DOT bridge
  • ETH bridge

Q3, 2021



  • Creating separate bridging app
  • Beldex improvement protocols

Q4, 2021