Private, Composable DApps


BChat is a decentralized messaging app built on top of the Beldex network. With BChat, you can send anonymous messages and BDX payments to anyone anywhere anytime


BelNet is a decentralized VPN service on an onion-routing protocol utilizing the Beldex network. BelNet lets you surf anonymously and unlock geo-restricted content while protecting your privacy.


The Beldex browser is an ad-free browser with an in-built dVPN service. You can browse privately with the Beldex browser as it is a decentralized browser built over Beldex.


The BNS is a decentralized, private name system for quick identification and easy verification of user accounts on BChat. With BNS domains, you can host private & censorship-free applications on BelNet.


Zero-knowledge proofs to enhance privacy, security, and scalability of DApps.

BNS Domains

Human readable Beldex domains connected to your wallet address.

Ethereum Virtual Machine

Integrating EVM to build permissionless, private smart contracts and Web 3.0 applications







Exchange Partners




Road Map

Our Goals for the Near & Long Term

  • Q1
    • Beldex Mainnet Launched
    • BDX Pre-Sale
    • BDX Public Sale
    • Bug bounty program
    • BDX wallet went live
    • Distribution of pre-sale and public-sale coins
    • BDX Listed on Coingecko
    • Listed on BTCAlpha and STEX Exchanges
  • Q1
    • Algorithm Changed to CryptoNight Heavy
    • ASIC Resistance Incorporated
    • BDX Listed on Coinmarketcap
    • BDX was Listed with Primary Data Providers
    • BDX Listed on IDCM Exchange
    • BDX Listed on the Evonodes Masternode Platform
    • BDX Listed on Magnum Wallet
    • BDX Obtained AML Compliance Certification
  • Q1
    • Beldex Algorithm was Upgraded to CryptoNight Conceal
    • Resolution to transition the network to POS was passed
    • Research on POS
    • Testing POS on Beldex Testnet
    • Research on DApps
    • Beldex decentralized web wallet went live.
    • BDX was listed on BuyUCoin.
    • Beldex International Inc was registered in Seychelles.
  • Q1
    • Web Wallet V2 Launched
    • Android Wallet Launched
    • Electron Desktop Wallet Launched
    • BDX Listed with Secondary Data Providers
    • wBDX Launched on BSC
    • Beldex-BSC Bridge Goes Live
    • BDX Listed on Bilaxy Exchange
    • Whitepaper V 2.0 Update
    • Website UI/UX Update
    • BDX Listed on Hotbit and MEXC Exchanges
    • Flash Transactions on Testnet
    • POS Launched on Testnet
    • POS Hardfork
    • Beldex Storage Server
    • BelNet Masternode Dependency
  • Q1
    • iOS Wallet Launched
    • Improvised Android Wallet Launched
    • LWS Development Started
    • Started Testing BChat on Testnet
    • BChat iOS & Android app (Alpha)
    • LWS - Light Wallet Service
    • Beldex Privacy Protocol on Binance Smart Chain
    • Initial Planning for Beldex Browser Development
    • Wallet Integration on BChat
    • Beldex Bridge for Polygon and Tron
    • Beldex Privacy Protocol on Polygon and Tron
    • Initial Planning for Wallet Browser Extension
    • Beldex Name System (BNS)
    • Research on EVM and Sidechains
    • Beldex Browser Development Begins
    • BNS Domains for Dapps
  • Q1
    • Bchat Wallet Integration Release
    • Belnet latest version Release
    • LWS Backend Development Completed
    • Testnet Faucet Development Completed
    • Belnet Desktop app release for Windows and Linux
    • Bchat Wallet integration on Desktop(Windows, Linux and Mac)
    • Deb package release for wallet rpc
    • Testnet Faucet Release
    • LWS Backend Release
    • Flash Implementation in LWS
    • Bchat android app patch release for crash fixes
    • Updated binary release for Mac for Electron wallet
    • Belnet GUI updated version release
    • Beldex Website MN app release
    • Pay as you chat feature release in Bchat desktop
    • Release Javascript SDK for LWS
    • BNS release on Electron wallet
    • Master node registration release on LWS
    • Belnet dynamic exit node switch release
    • Bchat in chat payment release on Android
    • Electron wallet new design release
    • LWS Frontend release
    • website release with all developer resources
    • BNS auction page release
    • BNS Directory page release
    • BNS hardfork release(Expecting Date)
    • Multi language support release on Bchat
    • Beldex Browser mobile app Beta release
    • Security Improvement writeup for POS
    • RUST SDK release for LWS
    • Dandelion++ work Starts
    • Python SDK release for LWS
    • Master node dashboard web app release
    • POS security improvements hardfork release
    • Go SDK release for LWS
    • BChat wallet integration release on IOS
    • Belnet desktop app release for MAC
    • Bchat in chat payment release on IOS
    • Updated wallet release with faster synchronization
    • Hardware wallet support release
    • EVM POC writeup release
    • Android Wallet Design Rewamp
    • IOS Wallet Design Rewamp
    • Beldex Privacy Protocol Release on Polygon network
    • Bchat Optional wallet feature release
    • Hardfork Binary Release
  • Q1
    • Hardfork go Live
    • LWS Web Wallet Release
    • Swap Feature release in Mobile Wallet
    • Beldex Browser Beta Release
    • Hardware Wallet Support Release
    • BNS Release in Mobile Wallet
    • BNS Marketplace release
    • LWS Mobile app release
    • Large File Sharing Feature Release in Bchat
    • Point Of Sale Dashboard for merchants
    • Beldex privacy protocol Release in Arbitrum Network
    • Split Tunneling implementation in Belnet
    • Anti-Tracker feature release on Belnet
    • Masternode dashboard release
    • On chain optional privacy release
    • Security Update Hardfork Release
    • Beldex privacy protocol Release in Optimisum Network
    • MN Apps Store release
    • Malware alerts feature release in Belnet
    • VRF implementation for POS leader election and validator election process
    • DNS leak protection release in Belnet
    • Firewall setting feature release on Belnet
    • VPN hotspot feature release on Belnet
  • Q1
    • Research starts on sharding
    • Sidechain development starts
    • Virtual machine development starts
    • Feasibility study on Beldex on chain settlement
    • Sidechain beta testnet release
    • Deploy the first smart contract on beta testnet
    • Research starts on Decentralized Identity and verifiable credentials
    • Sidechain testnet release
    • Sharding white paper v1 release
    • Feasibility study on ZK BVM starts
    • Research on Post Quantum cryptography starts
  • Q1
    • Beldex Sidechain main net release
    • First on-chain settlement on Beldex network
    • Smart contract feature release on Sidechain
    • ZK BVM Development starts
    • Decentralized Identity paper v1 release
    • On boarding projects on sidechain
    • Create first NFT on Sidechain
    • Decentralized Identity development starts on beldex sidechain
    • First POC on Lattice-based cryptography
    • ZK BVM testing on side chain testnet
    • Development starts on storage sharding
  • Q1
    • Decentralized digital identity release on sidechain devnet
    • Decentralized digital identity release on side chain testnet
    • ZK BVM release
    • Decentralized digital identity Auditing on side chain testnet
    • Sidechain Hackthon and Bug Bounty
  • TEAM

    Our Goals for the Near & Long Term

    Afanddy B. Hushni

    Afanddy is an investor & a crypto economist with more than 20 years of experience in traditional finance & investments. He serves as the chairman of Beldex International Inc.



    Kim is the CEO and the co-founder of Beldex. With over 15 years of experience in working with privacy-enhancing systems, Kim has an a extensive knowledge of privacy-preserving cryptographic protocols.



    Codeman Crypto serves as the CTO of Beldex. He has extensively worked with distributed systems & multi-threading architectures with 13 years of sound experience in software systems development.



    Sam is the CMO of Beldex. With more than 7 years of experience in crypto specific marketing, Sam leads multiple facets such as marketing, investments & partnerships. He is also an avid trader & investor in private cryptocurrencies.


    Sanada Yukimura

    Sanada Yukimura is the Blockchain architect at Beldex. He has 8 years of experience in developing highly scalable applications. He is also one of the core maintainers of Beldex network.



    Our esteemed research partners

    Allard Dijk

    Allard is the assistant professor of IT at the Eindhoven University of Technology. He specializes in software & hardware engineering, hacking, digital forensics & ICT. He has extensively contributed to BeldexPOS and the development of a proof of concept EVM for Beldex.


    Dr. Mitchell Kraiwec-Thayer

    He is the President and Chief Scientist of Geometry Labs. Dr. Mitchell’s research is at the intersection of data science and privacy engineering. He has previously contributed to research at the Monero Research Labs.


    Dr. Dominique Schroder

    Dominique Schroder is a professor of computer science. His research interests are in applied cryptography and privacy-enhancing technologies. He is the recipient of Intel Early Career Faculty Award and the Feodor Lynen Fellowship of The Humboldt Foundation.


    Let’s Build Together

    Join hundreds of founders, developers, and enthusiasts, building the internet of privacy.


    Help scale the Beldex network and build secure, privacy-preserving DApps. The Beldex ecosystem with BChat, BelNet, the Beldex Browser, and the Beldex Privacy Protocol offers multi-faceted opportunities to open-source contributors.


    From exchanges, masternode hosting services, and data providers to non-custodial wallets and media partners, Beldex has a growing list of partners who have found a long-standing and reliable partnership with us.


    Ambassadors are brand representatives who lead Beldex communities, organize online and offline events, participate in AMAs and get information about our latest updates & developments to the community.

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