Private, Composable



Zero-knowledge proofs to enhance privacy, security, and scalability of DApps.


Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM):

Integrating EVM to build permissionless, private smart contracts and Web 3.0 applications


BNS Domains:

Human readable Beldex domains connected to your wallet address.


Our Goals for the Near
& Long Term

POS has Launched!

Q1 - Wallets
  • Web Wallet V2 Launched
  • Android Wallet Launched
  • Electron Desktop Wallet Launched
Q2 - Binance Smart Chain Bridge
  • wBDX Launched on BSC
  • Beldex-BSC Bridge Goes Live
  • BDX Listed on Bilaxy Exchange
Q3 - POS Testing
  • Whitepaper V 2.0 Update
  • Website UI/UX Update
  • BDX Listed on Hotbit and MEXC Exchanges
  • Flash Transactions on Testnet
  • POS Launched on Testnet
Q4 - Bucephalus
  • POS Hardfork
  • Beldex Storage Server
  • BelNet Masternode Dependency

Ecosystem Development

Wallet Release - Q1
  • iOS Wallet Launched
  • Improvised Android Wallet Launched
  • LWS Development Started
  • Started Testing BChat on Testnet
BChat Alpha Release - Q2
  • BChat iOS & Android app (Alpha)
  • LWS - Light Wallet Service
  • Beldex Privacy Protocol on Binance Smart Chain
  • Initial Planning for Beldex Browser Development
Ecosystem Phase I - Q3
  • Wallet Integration on BChat
  • Beldex Bridge for Polygon and Tron
  • Beldex Privacy Protocol on Polygon and Tron
  • Initial Planning for Wallet Browser Extension
Ecosystem Phase II - Q4
  • Beldex Name System (BNS)
  • Research on EVM and Sidechains
  • BNS Domains for Dapps
  • Beldex Browser Development Begins

EVM Integration

Q1 - Ecosystem Phase III
  • Beldex Bridge for Tezos
  • Beldex Privacy Protocol on Tezos
  • Continue Research on EVM and Sidechains
  • BelNet Launch on Testnet
  • Beldex Bridge UI/UX Revamp
Q2 - Ecosystem Phase IV
  • BelNet Beta Release
  • Beldex Browser Beta Release
  • Research on Sharing Large Files using BChat
  • Development Plan for EVM Integration
Q3 - EVM Integration Phase I
  • Phase I Development of EVM Integration
Q4 - EVM Integration Phase II
  • Phase II Development of EVM Integration
  • EVM Launch on Testnet